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Festival de Paraty 2015

Nuno Mindelis é notícia no Wall Street Journal

Nuno Mindelis é notícia no Wall Street Journal

Programa Ensaio – Completo

Sucesso na tour africana!

Novo disco Angels & Clowns arrebata platéias por onde passa


Acompanhe a Radio Blues International

Uma vez por semana os fans e internautas em geral terão a oportunidade de ouvir as músicas prediletas do Nuno, as bandas e artistas que o influenciaram , os seus comentários e opiniões sobre todo o aspecto cultural envolvendo cada tema, detalhes sobre os bastidores das músicas e/ou álbuns apresentados etc. Não perca !

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Nuno Mindelis & Double Trouble Live at Credicard Hall , Jun / 2000

Nuno Mindelis no programa do Jô.

No Programa do Jô de 04/12/2013, o apresentador Jô Soares entrevistou o guitarrista angolano Nuno Mindelis, que comentou sobre o disco “Angels & Clowns”. “Esse disco está saindo agora”, contou

Durante a entrevista, Nuno relembrou algumas situações que viveu antes de deixar Angola, como o dia em que, ao receber uma ligação de telemarketing, inventou uma cena de homicídio para constranger a pessoa que estava do outro lado da linha.

O guitarrista também revelou que tem manias como arrumar quadros tortos na parede ou sair do carro algumas vezes e rodeá-lo para checar se os vidros estão fechados. “O mais incrível é que os vidros ficam abertos”, declarou.

Assita a entrevista completa

O que estão falando de Angels & Clowns

Nuno Mindelis
Jim Hynes jan/2014 – Elmore Mazagine

“…it’s clear from the opening duet with Sunny Crownover, “It’s All About Love” that he, (Nuno) not only has the requisite killer chops, but he sings soulfully too…This record is as much about good songs as it is about extended guitar breaks”.

Nuno Mindelis
Gonzo Online – Canada

“Stunning Brazilian … Some guitarists play so naturally that the instrument seems to be a part of them, and Nuno is one of those guys. His leads are smooth, passionate, fluid and bursting with blues power …Angels & Clowns has a beautifully warm sound …Angels & Clowns in a phrase, it’s ‘sweetly seductive’ with a pulsating blues heart. This record is wonderful, and I can’t wait to share it on my radio show”.

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Nuno Mindelis
Mick Rainsford – Blues in Britain

“Brazilian guitar virtuoso Nuno Mindelis’ debut for Duke Robillard’s Shining Stone Records’ …will appeal to lovers of soul-infused blues played with tenderness, understated beauty, authority and panache….Backed by the great Duke Robillard’s band with a guest appearance from Duke himself on three tracks – Mindelis lays down blues of the highest order, his plaintive and melancholy vocals echoed by his mastery of understated tone and phrasing”.

Blues Bytes
Graham Clarke – Phoenix Blues Society

Brazilian guitar master Nuno Mindelis has recorded many albums in his native country, but Angels & Clowns (Shining Stone Records) is his first release for a U.S. label. Though little-known in the U.S., he is renowned in South America as a guitarist, songwriter, and singer, and this release, produced by Duke Robillard, teams Mindelis with Robillard’s band (Mark Teixeira – drums, Brad Hallen – bass, Bruce Bears – keyboards).

One thing you will notice about Mindelis, after you get past his impressive guitar work, is how catchy his melodies and rhythms are. On tracks like the cool opener, “It’s All About Love” (with backing vocals from Sunny Crownover), the rocker “It’s Only A Dream,” the R&B-flavored title track, and the aptly titled “Perfect Blues,” you find yourself singing or nodding along, even though you’ve only heard it a couple of times.

Mindelis composed most of the songs, but left the lyrics to others. Doesn’t matter, because he pretty much owns these, with tracks like “Happy Guy,” seemingly having a biographical edge to them. Indeed the songs run the gamut from blues to R&B to jazz to pop/rock, and Mindelis handles each change with relative ease. He sings in an understated style, similar to 70’s era J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton, that fits the material well.

Angels & Clowns is a well-styled set of modern blues that should easily appeal to rock and pop music listeners as well. Finally, the U.S. can see what all the fuss is about in South America and Europe regarding Nuno Mindelis.

Nuno Mindelis “Angels & Clowns” (USA)
John Vermilyea – Blues Underground Network

If you have not heard of Nuno Mindelis, brace yourself, because with the release of “Angels & Clowns”, you and a whole lot of other people will certainly be taking notice of this absolutely brilliant talent.

Nuno Mindelis, whom hails out of Brazil, became interested in the Guitar at the age of five and by the age of nine was not only playing but also building Guitars, by which time he was already considered a child prodigy. Now closing in on nearly 50 more years of experience, Nuno has garnered immense stardom, not only in South America, but also worldwide; so much so, that it is not uncommon to see graffiti displaying the phrase “Nuno Is OUR God”, which plays on the more common “Clapton Is God”. It is no doubt a compliment that Mindelis humbly appreciates.

“Angels & Clowns” marks the American Debut of Nuno Mindelis, for recently signed to Shining Stones Records, and features not only the Legendary Duke Robillard, but also Robillard’s band and special guest Sunny Crownover. In addition to performing on “Angels & Clowns”, Duke Robillard also Produced this album for Shining Stones Records. Robillard’s band consisting of Mark Teixeira (Drums/Percussion, Brad Hallen (Bass), and Bruce Bears (Keys), along with Nuno Mindelis make up the main performers on the album.

“Angels & Clowns” consists of 13 rather tasty Tracks of which Nuno Mindelis solely arranged all but three of the Tracks, with co-arranging the final Track “Jazz Breakfast At Lakewest”.

For the last three years, in my Year End Review, I have picked a favorite song from a rather small list of favorites that I compile each year. After listening to the opening Track “It’s All About Love”, I knew that I had another song to choose from for 2013. I found “It’s All About Love” to be a real catchy tune especially with the wonderfully complimented Vocals of Sunny Crownover.

In addition to Blues, “Angels & Clowns” also has real nice sprinkling of other genres, which included Funk, Roots, Rock, and Jazz.

Blues fans will certainly enjoy the classic sounding “Blues Is My Cabin” and “Miss Louise” a tune reminiscent of a B.B. King sound.

Blues Rockers will like the first two Tracks “It’s All About Love” and “It’s Only A Dream”, as well as, “Perfect Blues”. Both “It’s All About Love” and “It’s Only A Dream” actually came across with a nice Dire Straits sound, and “Perfect Blues” came across with some really nice Bass from Brad Hallen.

“Hellbound” was a nice slightly Funky number that I really enjoyed, especially Duke Robillard’s Solo work, which kicked in around the halfway mark and marched the rest of the tune through to completion. Robillard also offered up his magic on two other Tracks, “It’s All About Love” and “It’s Only A Dream”.

One of many favorites on “Angels & Clowns”, was the title Track which was very reminescent of Jimi Hendrix, particularily his song Angel. This one is softly sung till we hit the 3/4 way mark and then Mindelis sinks his teeth into some really great solo guitar work.

“Angels & Clowns” finishes off with a Jazzy Jam Style Instrumental number called “Jazz Breakfast At Lakewest”. This one is just over a minute but really demonstrated some really tight playing between all the musicians. The album was actually recorded at Lakewest Recording and could of easily been a little warm up session.

“Angels & Clowns” was my first intro to Nuno Mindelis and I must say a mighty fine intro it was. Mindelis is exceptionally talented and an amazing new addition to the North American Blues scene. Wonderful, fresh, and creative music for which has peeked my appetite for more, hopefully in the near future.

Beast from Brazil belts out blistering blues
Laid Back – Lee County Courier

The best part of reviewing CDs is discovering new artists like Nuno Mindelis. Let me clarify. He’s not new. He’s been playing guitar since the age of five. In fact, by the age of nine he began building and playing self-made guitars. His first album came in 1990, Blues & Derivados. Nuno is just new to me, and his latest, Angels & Clowns is a blistering blues masterpiece.

He is constantly reinventing himself, trying to keep traditional blues as a backdrop, while adding his own innovative flourishes.

“I feel like I overcame an obstacle in making this album,” Nuno said. “These songs were more challenging to write because I wanted to reach for something that is within the world of blues, yet could reach beyond it to speak to as many people as possible.

“My goal was to do that with good songs, and good melodies, and Duke Robillard — who is a pillar, a giant of blues guitar — also helped me create the best guitar and vocal performances I’ve ever recorded.” Critics have mentioned Mindelis in the same breath with Page, Hendrix and Stevie Ray, and I agree.

John Stracey – Blues Connections

One man who surely has the blues that lifts your spirits and floods your soul is Nuno Mindelis who has just released an extraordinary new album entitled Angels & Clowns on Shining Stone Records, produced by Duke Robillard who also plays on the album with his band. With wide ranging influences from J.J. Cale to Jimi Hendrix Angels & Clowns showcases the sheer brilliance of guitar virtuoso Nuno Mindelis who has long since learned that “less is more” making each note count on songs with lyrics by Jorn Reissner, Stephen Barry, Mike Bowden & John Williamson. His unpretentious style creates a feel good factor which persists throughout his songs that will have you dancing and doing air guitar at the same time!

Should you only buy one album this year… then make sure it is Angels & Clowns by Nuno Mindelis as seldom does an artist come along whose sound is so natural that it appears effortless and yet has it all!

Find out why Nuno Mindelis has the blues by checking out his superb new video ‘It’s All about Love’ which also features Sunny Crownover on vocals from his new album Angels & Clowns.

Chicken Wilson.

Brazilian Blues/Roots guitarist, Nuno Mindelis released his debut album on Shining Stone Records on August 20th. The album is produced by Duke Robillard and features Robillard’s band with special guest Sunny Crownover.His first release on an American label, he has produced a number of albums in Brazil. Already considered a star in South America he has a worldwide reputation as one of the world’s finest guitarists…and that reputation is well-deserved. I have heard many great guitarists from all over the world and I have to agree wholeheartedly, this is some great stuff. All original material performed with the backing of the Duke Robillard Band, what I think impressed me the most was the matter of fact approach Mindelis takes to the music. He plays with a power and passion with no need for all the high-tech effects that so many seem to need just to get their points across. Music flows from his guitar like water from a mountain stream…cool and refreshing. Angels & Clowns is a diverse disc that shows the scale of Nuno’s abilities.

One listen and it is clear that it is the music that is front and center, not the abilities of the artist. That is one quality that separates the men from the boys.  There are guitarists who play guitar, some quite well…then there are those artists who pick up the instrument, become one with that instrument and the result is as automatic as taking a breath, it is that simple. There are artists who play volumes and say little and then there are those who say more with a single note that others manage in a lifetime. The fluidity with which this guy plays sweeps over the listener and gets directly to the heart of the matter with absolutely no pretense. What you see and hear is what you get.

Nuno Mindelis is the real deal and has no need to make that proclamation for himself. His work speaks for itself…the man is a master guitarist. No matter what style he sets his hand to will be played with an attention to detail that is not put on in any way, shape or form. This is one of those pieces that belongs in the collection of every fan of guitar. It should also be mentioned that Duke Robillard makes a special appearance on the album.


Blues Magazine.In 1957 in Angola geboren vluchtte hij in 1975 via Canada naar Brazilië, dat hij vanaf 1976 zijn vaderland noemt. Zijn eerste cd verschijnt in 1989 en sindsdien is zijn ster alleen maar aan het rijzen. Hij heeft gespeeld met alles en iedereen die naam en rang heeft en werd in 1998 uitgeroepen tot ‘Best Blues Guitarist’ door Guitar Player Magazine. Met begeleiding van de band van Duke Robillard en met deze aan de knoppen is nu zijn negende album “Angels & Clowns” verschenen.
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Blues Blog.There’s some good ole gutbucket blues for the purists…“Blues In My Cabin” is a classic “my baby left me” rocker, while “Miss Louise” low-rides along a laid-back groove reminiscent of recently-passed legend J. J. Cale… one listen to Nuno Mindelis and “Angels And Clowns” will prove his talents are undeniable! Until next time.
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Bman’s Blues Report.I just received a copy of the newest release from Nuno Mindelis, Angels & Clowns featuring the Duke Robillard Band and Sunny Crownover. Opening with It’s All About Love, a blues laced pop track, Mindelis is nicely complimented vocally by Sunny Crownover. With simple blues riffs and a nice hook and melody, this is a track that could easily hit the airwaves hard. It’s Only A Dream is a straight up rocker along the lines of a Glenn Frey track with a twist of Dire Straits.
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Angels & Clowns já saiu no Brasil